Vibrating Squeezing Sucking Swinging Masturbator

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  • 5 squeezing sucking 7 hip swing and waist design, firmly hold her enjoying shaking buttocks and sucking.
  • 5 vibration motor experience her contractions and tremors to stimulate your glans to climax.
  • 3 times thicker inner sleeves feel the delicate and soft Titjob feeling.
  • Elastic thick hip entrance and 5.51 in particle tunnel, insert easily satisfying your deep exploration.
  • Detachable and easy to clean, simple to operate, and controls her easily.

Enhance your experience with the N20 built-in motor: With 5 turbo settings, the N20 engine is like having a rocket of joy at your fingertips, ready to take you to the clouds.

Symphony of deep-throat clamping and sucking and butt shaking: The waist design allows you to hold it easily, with 5 dynamic suction modes and 7 exciting butt-shaking modes, you can lie down and enjoy her rocking and sucking your penis.
Ultra-luxurious inner sleeve hug: Our highly elastic, ultra-silky sleeves can be pulled and wrapped around any size of the penis, and the inner sleeve will not be damaged as your big dick thrusting in her.

360° Happy Particle Adventure: This is a unique happy maze. The 360° textured tunnel is ready to rub, tease and seduce every inch of you. When the fun is over, the removable design makes cleaning a breeze.

Charge faster than lightning with USB power: No need to wait – charge faster than a meteor. Get ready to awaken your fantasies and soar into your world of happiness!

Free Gifts

Gifts will be delivered together with sex dolls to offer you a better user experience.

Heating Rod
Vaginal Irrigator

Doll Care & Maintenance

  • Love doll is not allowed to have a full swing from different angles. You are not supposed to put extreme force to move her joints for any positions.
  • Don’t leave her in the same position for a too long time, not even leaving her lying on a hard surface for long.
  • Towel dry your doll and avoid using hair dryers as these can be damaging.
  • Clean the body regularly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water.
  • Use a water-based lubricant during sex.
*You can move your doll like this image. There may be some differences among skeletons of different brands.


It takes 3-7 days for shipping, depending on the sex doll you choose and location. We will arrange a safe and instant shipping plan for you!

Our shipping partners are FedEx, DHL, and UPS. We will choose the right freight company for you based on your location.

We provide free worldwide shipping, therefore you are not required to pay any shipping fee, only wait for the arrival of sex dolls after placing an order.

Yes, we use secure and well packaged shipping cartons without any marks and logos for delivery. You are the only one aware of the delivery!

Yes, you will receive the order number or tracking ID after the sex doll is sent out for shipping, so you can track the position of the sex doll at any time.

Due to the ban on adult sex toys in some countries, we are unable to ship to India, Pakistan, Korea, United Arab Emirates and Thailand etc.

Why Eagosoul

Medical Grade Materials

We use medically approved Top grade TPE & Silica Gel to make sex dolls to ensure the safety and authenticity.

Free Confidential Shipping

Free, Secure and confidential shipping plans without any marks on the product packaging.

100% Money Back Ground

In case of manufacturing fault or logistics damage, you can choose to exchange or refund.

Price Advantage

Eagosoul is able to store thousands of inventory and can get discounted bulk prices from suppliers.

Support Customization

We have a high-quality R&D and manufacturing team that supports customizing various types of sex dolls.

Order Discount

Buy 2 or more sex dolls for even more discounts! Please contact online customer service for details.

Production Process

After Sales Service

1. After receiving the sex doll, if there is any manufacturing fault or shipping damage, please contact us, we will return/replace for free.

2. If you encounter any problems related to use, please feel free to contact us via Our customer service will reply to you within 24 hours.

3. Order cancellations can only be made within the first 24 hours. If you cancel the order within 2 hours, you will get a full refund; if you cancel the order within 6 hours, you get 80% of the fee and if you cancel the order within 24 hours, you get a 60% refund.

4. The refund does not include the service charges deducted by Credit Card .

5. Customized sex doll orders cannot be cancelled, refunded or replaced! Please confirm before placing the order.

Purchase Must Read

1.After receiving the sex doll, please use water and neutral detergent to clean the doll, and dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel.

2.Before using sex dolls, apply lubricant to the human body to ensure sufficient sliding, or use a well-lubricated condom.

3.Do not keep sex dolls in the same posture for a long time. This may result in the formation of creases on the body surface. If a slight crease occurs, it will usually return to normal after a few hours.

4.It is not recommended to wear dark clothes for sex dolls, dark clothes are prone to dyeing.

5.If you need a little perfume to increase the atmosphere, please spray the perfume on the clothes of the sex doll rather than the body of doll. Dolls are prone to alcohol corrosion present in perfume.

6.Rinse the body with warm water for 2-3 minutes after use, and use a vaginal rinser to clean the vagina. After cleaning, dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel and let it dry naturally.

7.When storing sex dolls, let sex dolls lie flat, avoid squeezing and prevent the entry of the dust.

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